In this book, you will learn about everything you need to know about how surviving in the cut-throat world network marketing jungle – especially in the 21st century where the network marketing industry has changed tremendously since the 80s.

Of course, there are certain timeless principles that will never change in the network marketing industry. Principles such as:

  • Providing value for your customers and prospects
  • Uplines helping downlines (and sidelines helping one another)
  • Working together with a solid management team
  • Building your reputation and helping others…

These things will never change. However, there are certain things like business opportunity demands, prospecting methods, competition and many other crucial business factors have changed the way network marketing is done!

The goal of this book is to provide awareness for network marketers and give them enough knowledge to know what works and what doesnt work. With this knowledge, you will be able to arm your downline to the teeth!

Network Marketing Survival Guide